Ioan Matei Agapi Short Bio

Short Biography of the Author

Ioan-Matei Agapi (1936-2020) was born in Huşi (Vaslui County).

He graduated in 1966 from the Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics of the University „Al.I. Cuza ”Iaşi, and in 1968, the documentary film and animation school within the“ Alexandru Sahia ”Studios in Bucharest, the directing and cameraman specialty of documentary film and animation.

He was a photographer at the Construction and Assembly Company, Iaşi (1965 – 1968), National Television correspondent, Bucharest (1968 – 1990), teacher of photography and film at the Iaşi Popular Art School (1969 – 1990).

He participated in numerous photo salons and film festivals, where he won numerous awards, including the Special Jury Prize at the Skopje Festival (North Macedonia), for the film “No War” (1971).

Ioan Matei Agapi
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