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Oarecari: Set 15 – March 1978

For many years, Ioan Agapi taught photography and film at the Popular Art School from Iași. This institution was like his second home. There are many stories with the teachers and students of the school. In this photo, women`s day is celebrated between the teachers and the administrative staff of the school. Author`s note: “Support Committee – 8 of March”.

Oarecari: Set 14 – 1976

A permanent customer of Foto-Muzica stores, as they were called then, Ioan Agapi had made very good relations with the employees of these stores in Iași. In this picture, he photographs the saleswoman of a photo department of the Moldova store.

Oarecari: Set 13 – August 1972

Ro – Nunta lui Axinte din satul Poiana, județul Iași, din categoria Diverși. En – Axinte`s wedding from Poiana village, Iași county. The picture is framed by the author in the Various People category

Oarecari: Set 12 – June 1974

“On Children`s Day, photos for Woman magazine” – the author`s note.

Oarecari: Set 11 – 1972

“Coca at a table in Saint George village.” From the Personal series, in this photo he captures his wife, Maria Agapi, on a trip to the Delta, before their marriage.

Oarecari: Set 10 – July 1971

Ioan Agapi, the year 1971 was, among others, a year of reportage and documentary photography in the villages of Deleni and Poiana, Iași County. This negative cataloged at Various People, has a note written by the author: “Various children, couples, families, at the camp! Various young people working in the field in Deleni.

Oarecari: Set 9 – October 1971

For Ioan Agapi, the year 1971 was, among others, a year of reportage and documentary photography in the villages of Deleni and Poiana, Iași County. The main reason was his future wife, who lived in a neighbouring village. During this period he made a series of memorable portraits with locals, capturing traditions, crafts and making lasting friendships with families in the villages. The children in this photo were the pupils of Maria Agapi, who was their teacher at the time.

Oarecari: Set 8 – April 1970

Dumitru Panainte was one of the well-known fashion designers of the 70s, in Iași. Agapi often photographed his children. We see Onuț and Ady, together with other children, in the swing by the block of flats where they recently moved.

Oarecari: Set 7 – February 1970

Ro – “În atelierul de croitorie a lui Mitică Panainte, înainte de a se muta la Casa Modei. Fotografiat cu Exakta, Flektogon 2.8/35”- scrie Ioan Agapi în notițele lui despre această suită fotografică. Mitică Panainte a fost unul din cunoscuții creatori de modă din anii 70, la Iași. Creațiile lui și prezentările de modă, pe care […]

Oarecari: Set 6 – April 1972

Ro – Profesorul Nicușor Petrescu, sculptor ieșean, s-a stins din viață în 1977. Era bun prieten cu Ioan Agapi, care îi fotografiază mai multe lucrări de-a lungul timpului. Nota autorului: „Portret lucrarea Mihai Eminescu din diferite unghiuri. Sculptorul lângă lucrare, ținând fundalul”. Fotografia face parte din categoria Personalități/Prieteni. En – Professor Nicuşor Petrescu, a sculptor from Iaşi, […]