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Oarecari: Set 5 – April 1972

During the period when he collaborated with the House of Culture from Huși, Ioan Agapi photographed several events collateral to the cultural activities. The picture captures a moment from the excursion 6 Days through the Country, organized by the Agricultural High School from Huși, Vaslui county.

Oarecari: Set 4 – March 1972

Ro – Nota autorului: “Expoziție de artă culinară organizată de restaurantul Expres în sala de dans a Casei de Cultură a Tineretului Iași. Fetele de la Expres pozează pentru albumul personal. Pe scaun stă Gorgos, mașinist la scenă”.Acest negativ a fost filmotecat de autor in 16 ianuarie 2004.Categoria Documentar/Expoziții. En – Author`s note: “Culinary art exhibition organized […]

Oarecari: Set 3 – June 1972

During the period when Ioan Agapi collaborated with the House of Culture from Husi, Vaslui county, he photographed the tour of the Huși Choir to Tulcea.
Author`s note: “On the Tug Boat in Danube Delta. The choristers on the ferry. Various ladies ”.

Oarecari: Set 2 – September 1968

The photo belongs to the Family category.
The author notes: “Mother, Olga and Andrei at the Cross Day Fair – Huși, Vaslui county.”

Oarecari: Set 1 – June 1967

Celebration of the end of the school year at the elementary school in the village of Cozia in the Iasi district.
The author classifies the photo in the Documentary category.
On November 1, 1998 Ioan Agapi added a note: “Attention should be paid to how they are dressed and what the children are like at that time.”

“Oarecari” exhibition on MNAC Bucharest

The exhibition can be seen between October 23 and November 15 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, from Wednesday to Sunday, between 11:00 and 18:00, only in compliance with the safety conditions imposed by COVID 19.

Ioan Matei Agapi Short Bio

Short Biography of the Author Ioan-Matei Agapi (1936-2020) was born in Huşi (Vaslui County). He graduated in 1966 from the Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics of the University „Al.I. Cuza ”Iaşi, and in 1968, the documentary film and animation school within the“ Alexandru Sahia ”Studios in Bucharest, the directing and cameraman specialty of documentary film and animation. […]