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Oarecari: Set 9 – October 1971

For Ioan Agapi, the year 1971 was, among others, a year of reportage and documentary photography in the villages of Deleni and Poiana, Iași County. The main reason was his future wife, who lived in a neighbouring village. During this period he made a series of memorable portraits with locals, capturing traditions, crafts and making lasting friendships with families in the villages. The children in this photo were the pupils of Maria Agapi, who was their teacher at the time.

Oarecari: Set 4 – March 1972

Ro – Nota autorului: “Expoziție de artă culinară organizată de restaurantul Expres în sala de dans a Casei de Cultură a Tineretului Iași. Fetele de la Expres pozează pentru albumul personal. Pe scaun stă Gorgos, mașinist la scenă”.Acest negativ a fost filmotecat de autor in 16 ianuarie 2004.Categoria Documentar/Expoziții. En – Author`s note: “Culinary art exhibition organized […]

Oarecari: Set 1 – June 1967

Celebration of the end of the school year at the elementary school in the village of Cozia in the Iasi district.
The author classifies the photo in the Documentary category.
On November 1, 1998 Ioan Agapi added a note: “Attention should be paid to how they are dressed and what the children are like at that time.”